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The Vogue team and Bureau Betak studied street vendors, markets, and antique bazaars to craft their own street-fair vision. “One of my favorite parts of working on this section of the event was wandering around New York and taking inspiration from the streets of the city,” said Lindley. “I took tons of scouting photos of street vendors on my walk from the East River Ferry to the World Trade Center every day.” Meanwhile, Betak sourced aluminum food carts from around the city—including fruit stalls from Chinatown—then retrofitted them to reflect the aesthetic of each historic fashion brand.

Jacob Degrom Texas Shirt

Coach housed a souvenir shop in an old nut-roasting cart manned by East Village tailor Makayla Wray, who could sew vintage-looking patches right onto one’s clothes. Florist UrbanStems had rows of bouquets to brighten the evenings of passersby. “We took great care to think about the brands we wanted to partner with and what would make sense for them. Whether that was integrating the Ralph’s Coffee truck, which is in itself a staple in New York, to thinking about how a famous It bag from Fendi could be translated into a food cart, we really wanted each cart to feel unique and authentic,” Willow Lindley, Vogue’s director of accessories and collaborations, said.

Jacob Degrom Texas Shirt Hoodie

“We really wanted to translate the energy and unique aesthetic of the Vogue World show with its iconic N.Y. street vibe—an ode to the city, its creativity, and its vibrancy,” Guillaume Troncy, CEO of production company Bureau Betak, tells Vogue. Indeed, many of the stands acted as haute homage to the American fashion capital: Michael Kors collaborated with the iconic Katz’s Deli for its cart, which served pastrami sandwiches to a sprawling line of eager New Yorkers. (“We’re both very New York, and we’ve been around a long time,” Kors said of the common thread between the two companies.) Fendi handed out baguettes—a nod to the 25th anniversary of its iconic bag that famously acted as a plot point for Sex and the City. Meanwhile, Banana Republic had spoonfuls of banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery (another Carrie Bradshaw favorite.)

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