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Whatever God Emperor Trump tells them to. Maybe the latest “migrant caravan” full of rapists and terrorists. Maybe the J6 committee for broadcasting their collective treason. Probably at how poor, persecuted white people are victims of “reverse racism,” or whatever woman he’s blaming for everything these days. Whatever he tells them to be angry about, they’ll fall in line immediately — regardless of whether he said the total opposite thing the day before, regardless of whether the whole country watched J6 on live TV. The only thing that matters is that they get their fix of hatred and self-righteousness.

I am almost giddy with excitement waiting until I get to watch all of this come back to fuck them up. I will be blind drunk on their sweet, sweet fascist tears, and the first fascist vanilla ISIS piece of shit who complains to me about losing their Obamacare coverage, or their social security, or their Medicare/Medicaid, or any of the other things that the liars they put in office are going to take from all of us…that person is going to be the first person I’ve ever punched in the fucking face.

The only butterfly effect here is the trump marriage and its continued STORMY AFFAIR/AFFAIRS. trump himself is now in moth balls due the barbaric actions he engaged in on the 6th Jan. Plus the fact trump has a covid death toll of over 600.000 innocent citizens attached to his name and under his failed leadership with this result, 81million voters removed him unceremoniously causing trump with the aid of others, desperately try to appoint himself as the president of the USA.

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