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Here are some basic tips that you can go for if you’re a plus-size and if you have an hour figure or you’ve got a pear figure or have got an apple figure Now if you have a pear shape and dont want to highlight your lower torso because this is a problem for you so remember to wear something which is broader and highlights your top or your neck or your Col neck bone so you can go for boat necks or deep scoops or v-necks or even round to be okay. You can also go with off shoulder so this we’ll give you a highlighting front instead of something which highlights your hip level and the same applies if you’re choosing churidars or bottoms or even plazos go for darker colors like black or even dark blue greens navies to draw more attention towards your top or your kurta instead of your bottom. Now the opposite applies to an apple shape if you don’t want to highlight your top torso or your stomach level you can wear something which is more flared or has more details in your plazo, your pants or your lehenga.

The Walking Dead 12 years 2010-2022 Signatures Ornament

I have wrestled with fluctuating weight for several years due to injuries. I can relate to body changes and fashion challenges. Your height is an important factor. If you are tall and plus-size, you have a bit of an advantage. Regardless of height, it is important to stay away from loud, large prints, ruffles, fluffy sleeves, and short hemlines whether dresses, skirts or pants. You want the illusion of length, which means a clean line from neck to hemline and potentially to shoe. Vertical stripes can give an advantage as they create the clean line and by running vertically, you are seen to be taller and thinner than you are. You do not need to avoid color, but by using a monochromatic look, a clean line is continued. When you wear one color on top and another below, you cut yourself in half. If you wear the same color top and bottom, your line is continous. You can use a lighter and darker shade of the same color. Do not use belts if you have a thick or no waist. It will draw eyes to your middle, again cutting you in two. A properly-fitted shirt dress would look good. NO gaping button holes from breasts too large for the top of the dress. No heavily pleated skirts. No miniskirt. I personally think a midi length below knee, near mid-calf is a good length for both tall and not tall women, for dresses or skirts. The clean line is drawn straight down with no stops on the way, lengthening your look. Short pants, to me, are NOT a good look for heavier women. At the same time, comfort is essential when it is hot. Shoot for a short pant that is at least as long as half the distance between your knee and your ankle. It should not be tight. It should not be in a loud print. Preferably, the pants would be in a solid color, or seersucker, or other vertical lines. A V-neck top, with 3/4 length arms – but no frills, in a color matching the pant – or a complementary color to the pant, would be a good look. Don’t be afraid of hats! It is important to wear shoes you can walk in easily, but they should also be a good look with your dress, skirt or pants. Everyone has their own comfort zone with shoes. I loved heels and wore them daily. They add height. But they also can cause pain. A dressier looks screams for a dressier shoe. The shoe does not need to be the same color as the outfit. The shoe can add the drama of color that perhaps the outfit did not. A black and white color pallette above may call for a red shoe below. Complementary colors are fine. Look up complementary colors so you are aware of what they are. Wearing long earrings, and/or necklaces that are long is a nice way to accessorize and to add length. Bracelets, lone or stacked, are a nice way to accessorize. You may think about whether your hairstyle is your best look. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, gather your hair up, give it a twist, and take a look at your cheekbones and eyes. Do you look better with your hair up or down? Look at the face again. Forget what you’ve been trained to do – as in “every woman wants long hair.” Most women really would look better with a decent short(er) haircut. It is a very immediate and dramatic change, and could bring your lovely face where it belongs – up front and stunning. What better way to draw the eye away from areas you do not want accentuated than to call attention to your face? Without overdoing it, make sure your eyes do you justice using (at least) mascara and shading eyeshadow. Brows should be neat and not overplucked. Brush a lite hint of your blusher over your eyelids, too – but only after you apply it directly under your cheekbones. This means you do not use a circle of blush, but rather a lite rectangle. It should not be heavy, and should be blended. You’re looking for healthy, not spackled. Lightly line your lips in the same color as your lipstick. Make sure it’s not on your teeth! Check your face out. You want it all to look pretty natural if it is a daytime work look. A night look can be jazzed up. There will always be exceptions to fashion advice. And opinions. Mine is of no more importance than your own.

The Walking Dead 12 years 2010-2022 Signatures Ornament Heart

The same in a lehenga, you can highlight your lehnga more than your choli and keep the Choli a bit plain with less embroidery and which has sleeves to cover up your arms instead of showing a cold shoulder look.You can go for full sleeves or even the elbow sleeves but avoid the half sleeves. If you’re an hourglass you can go for anything but just remember that when you’re wearing a top and a bottom which has little space and shows your skin remember to keep a two inches of skin there ,whether you’re wearing a choli or you’re even wearing a http://saree.So you can tie your saree a bit lower than your navel instead of the same tip I gave you for a lehenga so this would help you . You can also wear any of these style tips I’ve given from the starting because you don’t have any rule that applies to you but you can just highlight both your heavy bottom torso or your top torso equally.

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