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The other answers were not precise. Trump did not order the troops to be called up. Yes, Nancy holds some to much responsibility for the security failures. Nancy Pelosi could have requested the National Guard. The Mayor of DC could have requested the National Guard. The Capital Police could have requested the National Guard. Mitch McConnell could have requested that. Paul Irving could have. The Chief of Police could have.

The US Capital Police had previously requested several hundred National Guard for traffic control. Certainly, the Mayor of DC has recently requested National Guard support for the influx of illegal aliens into DC. So it is clear, many could have asked.

Nancy Pelosi via her House Sergeant at Arms which is one for four members of the board that manages the Capital Police could have requested 10 or 20 thousand National Guard but did not. Quite the opposite, the House Sergeant of Arms did not want the wrong “optics” and fought against any larger national guard presence than for traffic control.

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