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(Meanwhile, 100 percent of the proceeds from the collection will go to grassroot nonprofits that were recommended to Rogers by Color of Change, an organization that aims to strengthen and support Black communities in the United States.) Rogers and creative director of Orior Ciaran McGuigan first met while attending Savannah College of Art and Design, keeping in touch after both of them respectfully advanced in their fields. During the pandemic, McGuigan asked Rogers if he’d like to try his hand at furniture. The fashion designer jumped at the chance. “This is evidence of our first intentional break from ready-to-wear,” Rogers says. “It’s a wonderful first impression, I think.”

Michigan This Team Makes Me Drink Bowl Shirt

On September 12, Vogue turned New York’s West 13th Street from a Meatpacking thoroughfare to an all-out fashion fair. A Gucci Osteria truck doled out gourmet cookies, a Brother Vellies market stall offered up fresh produce, a Burberry high-tea cart served stylish and sippable brews, and a newsstand was lined with archival Vogues for the taking. A Ralph’s Coffee truck—the famed culinary component of Ralph Lauren—gave out soft-serve coffee ice cream and draft oat lattes, and a Moncler travel kiosk had cameras for the taking. The fantastical festivities, open to the public, were the pinnacle of Vogue World, a fashion show and celebration for the magazine’s 130th birthday.

Michigan This Team Makes Me Drink Bowl Shirt Hoodie

“We really wanted to translate the energy and unique aesthetic of the Vogue World show with its iconic N.Y. street vibe—an ode to the city, its creativity, and its vibrancy,” Guillaume Troncy, CEO of production company Bureau Betak, tells Vogue. Indeed, many of the stands acted as haute homage to the American fashion capital: Michael Kors collaborated with the iconic Katz’s Deli for its cart, which served pastrami sandwiches to a sprawling line of eager New Yorkers. (“We’re both very New York, and we’ve been around a long time,” Kors said of the common thread between the two companies.) Fendi handed out baguettes—a nod to the 25th anniversary of its iconic bag that famously acted as a plot point for Sex and the City. Meanwhile, Banana Republic had spoonfuls of banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery (another Carrie Bradshaw favorite.)

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