Student By Day Gamer By Night Video Game Retro T-Shirt

I saw her exhibit years ago at the Student By Day Gamer By Night Video Game Retro T-Shirt In simpler terms Philadelphia Art Museum and my mother was very weirded out by this picture and even more by the story. She loves to tell this story and say “That’s how I knew her art wasn’t for me.” Yeah. We know mom, it’s been 15 years of the same story.🧐 My family too tells the same stories year after year. You learn to love them.. then hate them…then love them again My ex completed suicide and a mutual acquaintance from both of our pasts had a portrait commissioned of her, I believe to give to her mother. That’s just incredibly callous. Somebody’s death isn’t an opportunity for you to explore and experiment and rub the details in the faces of those still alive. We had been broken up for years by that point and no longer ran in the same social circles but she was a human being with a real life and real dignity. Kahlo’s life inured her to suffering. Maybe she felt like it would be a betrayal to paint a sunny picture of the woman. Why is that article written like a poor google translate? Tense errors, weird diction…I’d give it a C-. It had some content but the author needs to work on their basic writing skills. If she was asked to paint a portrait and gave that, then yeah she was a bitch, but it she was told paint a picture and given no real direction I guess that’s on the commissioner of the painting.

Student By Day Gamer By Night Video Game Retro T-Shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

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