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2. Baggie it up: if you going for some sort of a cool, hip hop look, then u can pick a bigger size with anti fit or comfort fit jeans, here you can have an undershirt beneath 3. Smart Casuals: Pair it up with a chino or s straight/ slim fit cotton pants. you can keep it out and not tuck it in as well as go for the tucked in look depending upon the look and sometimes fabric as well. Here are 2 different looks for the smart casual According to Wikipedia, Polo shirts were brought back to Great Britain from India, along with the game of Polo. So Polo shirts were created to be worn while … playing Polo. Oxford is a woven structure – basket weave, which typically uses mostly 100% cotton and finer yarn to give a more dressy drape and that is why it’s considerd for a men’s dressy shirt.

The Grinch Hand Kindergarten Teacher Christmas Mug

You had the answer in your question. However, in today’s world, oxfords are replaced by Poplins which are more tighter weave giving a very nice hand and look. Yes, a polo shirt is considered business casual. What does that mean? You could wear a polo with khakis to most offices on a Friday. Many places of work have polos emblazoned with their logo for retail, store openings and trade shows. My husband’s company used to wear a dress shirt with a logo (sans tie) but that now seems too dressy for his industry (grocery store equipment). He’s able to wear nice jeans and a polo for most situations. For other events: When he golfs on a nicer course, polos and khakis are required attire. No crew necks, no jeans, ect. At a party that says dressy casual one could wear a polo and khakis.

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Personally, I find polo shirts to be extremely comfortable. I love the way they fit snugly around my chest and shoulders, and the way the fabric breathes is perfect for hot summer days. I also appreciate that polo shirts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Er…well, this American does. I wear T-shirts frequently, because they’re comfortable. They’re very commonly worn in the US. I expect most Americans would have reason to refer to them at some point, even if they don’t wear T-shirts themselves.

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